The multi-patented and award-winning Holdaplate elegantly solves a common dessert cocktail plate problem: holding both a plate and cup, one in each hand, while simultaneously attempting to eat one’s food or shake hands. No more juggling at cocktail parties! A subtle contour in the Holdaplate’s periphery allows for a cup, glass, can, or bottle of any size to easily nestle alongside, held in place by the user’s index finger. Forget hanging stemware awkwardly off the side of those cocktail caddies — those days are over. Super comfy and easy to use, the Holdaplate comfortably holds up to one pound of food, supported by both the side of the cup and the user’s fingers underneath. Eat, greet, finally!


While pursuing his MBA, John Zox began taking design courses to nurture the right side of his brain. Hidden in plain sight at those famed biz school cocktail parties was an unsolved design challenge: how to hold both a plate and glass in two hands while also attempting to eat or shake someone’s hand. The eureka moment was realizing that the heavy center of gravity, the alcohol and glass, had to remain in-hand; hanging glassware off a plate, like so many solutions on the market, was and is both precarious and inelegant. The Holdaplate was thus born, and with the skill of designer Ding Liu, brought to life for cocktail partygoers everywhere to enjoy.


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Holdaplate Features

  • Temporarily free a hand for eating or shaking hands.
  • Beautiful, 6" cocktail plate shape.
  • Usable left- or right-handed, all finger sizes.
  • Index finger stabilizes plate.
  • Weight support by bottom fingers.

Holdaplate Features

  • Glass or cup remains in your hand.
  • Use with any size cup, can, bottle or wineglass.
  • No precarious glass hung off the edge.

Other Features

Other Features

  • BPA-Free
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher Safe (Except Sugarcane)